The Officine Maccaferri Group

  The Officine Maccaferri Group is a global player in the research , design
  and manufacture of advanced solutions in geotechnics and soil erosion control.
  The company was set up in 1879 and the experience gained maskes it a reliable
  problem-solving partner for soil stabilisation, slope reinforcement,
  erosion control, infrastructure development and construction works.
  Constant research and exclusive know-how enable Maccaferri
  to guarantee maximum innovation and efficiency and these concepts
  are transformed into versatile solutions to meet customers specific requirements.
Maccaferri's proposals are always adapted to the local
situation, prepared in close collaboration with the
customer and outlined in an exhaustive design, from
planning through to implementation, including the choice
of materials to be used.
Every solution is a perfect combination of safety, efficiency
and natural dynamics, and every project consists of
engineering works which are compatible with, and have
minimum impact on, the environment.

Consultancy and partnership

  Maccaferri does not just offer its customers simple collaboration
  but a real partnership which goes beyond merely supplying products.
  Maccaferri is a partner that works alongside its customers from
  the very start. It is a reliable partner thanks to its extensive
  portfolio of top quality products. As well as versatile solutions
  that can be adapted to local situations, it makes its technical
  know-how available to create a virtuous circle in which each factor
  (products, experience and innovative practice)
  is improved by each activity.
Maccaferri tackles every project with the aim of identifying, dealing
with and resolving each customer's actual needs, and the results of
this attitude product benefits which can be appreciated over time.
Maccaferri's experience is backed up by a staff of twenty people (in
ltaly , France, Britain, USA and Brazil) who coordinate joint ventures with
bodies and universities throughout the world and with international
scientific organizations in the forefront of research in various sectors.

Everywhere across the world

               Maccaferri researches, designs and develops solutions for the construction, erosion protection and soil stabilisation sectors in over 100 countries across the world.
               The organizational structure has been designed to be global and local at the same time. It is made up of subsidiary companies which make Maccaferri's products and design and offer the company's solution throughout the world.
               This ensures greater flexibility, a widespread presence and a better awareness of continued market development.
               Maccaferri's presence throughout the world allows the company to deal with problems which results in new know-how that, in turn, feeds into further innovation for other solutions offered on the market.
               As well as the parent company in Italy and subsidiaries in France, Britain, Russia and Portugal, the company is also active in all five continents, with 46 operating companies.