Siam Gabions Company Profile

          Siam Gabions was established in 2002 in Thailand as the sole distributor of Maccaferri Industrial Group from Italy. Maccaferri Spa was founded in 1873 and they are now world renowned manufacture of various Geotechnical Products and Service Provider for various geotechnical and civil engineering works throughout the world.
          Siam Gabions began with trading of Gabions and Reno mattress for retaining structure and river bank protection but now Siam Gabions offers wider range of solutions for civil and environmental engineering application. At the moment Siam Gabions is supplying high quality products of Geotextile for separation and filtration for civil works, HDPE Geogrids and Woven Polyester Geogrids for basal reinforcement and retaining walls, Geocomposite, Perforated Pipes and Strip Drains for both vertical and horizontal drainages, Geotecnical instrumentations for monitoring at mining, dams and underground structures, HDPE Geomembrane, PVC Geomembranes and Geosynthetics Clay Liner for mining industries, landfills, reservoirs and aquacultures, Catch Fence and Rock fall netting for rock fall mitigations and Steel Fibers for reinforced concrete segmental lining for tunnels, shortcrete and industrial flooring.
Consultancy and Partnership
          Siam Gabions has a diversified range of clients, consisting of government agencies,private sector, consultants, main or turn-key contractors and sub-contractors. Siam Gabions is not only the supplier of products but it also provides design assistance and consultancy service to clients from the beginning of the projects and finds ways together for the best solutions and, maximize value for money and provide high quality products to meet clients’ need.
Organization Structure
           Siam Gabions is set up with experienced Sales and Marketing team and they work closely with the Technical Department which is formed with well-trained Geotechnical Engineers and they are also supported by Finance & Accounting Department and Logistics Department to provide best solutions and highest quality services to the customers.
Siam Gabions has 4 offices in Thailand which are at the following addresses.

Bangkok Office.
24th Floor, R.S. Tower
121/75 Rachadapisek Road,
Dindaeng Subdistrict, Dindaeng District,
Bangkok 10400
Tel: (662) 642 3307
Fax: (662) 642 3309

Chiangmai Office.
Room No.B-3, Corner Stone Building, 273/1
Huay Kaew Road, T. Suthep, A. Muang,
Chiangmai 50200
Tel: (665) 321 3274

Khonkaen Office.
Room A302, 3th Floor,
Kaen Nakorn Office Park,
11 Sri Tard Prachasanti Road, A. Muang,
Khonkaen 40000
Tel: (664) 322 0606
Fax: (664) 322 0606

Hatyai Office.
78/79 Moo 2
T. Khohong, Hatyai,
Songkla 90110
Tel: (668) 439 8406
Fax: (667) 439 8406
Mobile: (668) 1755 3602, (668) 6086 4334

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Our Products

MACCAFERRI® Gabion and Mattress for River Bank Protection and Retataining Wall
MACTEX® Nonwoven Geotextile for Separation and Filtration
MACGRIDTM Geogrid for Soil Reinforcement
MACPIPE® Perforated Pipe for Subsoil Drainage
MacDrain® for Reliable Structural Drainage
MacLineTM Impermeable Layer for Reservoirs, Landfills and Mining Industries
MacLine®GCL Impermeable Layer for Reservoirs, Landfills, Leach Pad and Irrigations
Rock Catch Fences and Barriers for Rockfall Protection
Rockfall Netting for Rockfall Protection
Wirand® for Reinforced Concrete Segmental Lining for Tunnels, Shotcrete and Industrial Flooring
ACBM (Articulated Concrete Block Mattresses) for Stabilization of Underwater Cable, Oil and Gas Pipelines
MacWallTM for Segmental Block Retaining Walls